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  • 1997 graduated from Institut für Fremdsprachen und Auslandskunde bei der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, degrees: State Approved Translator and Interpreter of the English Language, State Approved Translator of the French Language (special subject: the humanities)

  • 1 year assistant German teacher at a boarding school in Colwyn Bay, Wales

  • 1 year various jobs in Paris and Lyon, France, as well as Neuchatel, Switzerland

  • 1999 moved to Berlin, five years employed in sales and marketing in the IT sector

  • 11 years owner of the translation agency sander's agentur

  • 2004 sworn-in at the Regional Court of Berlin

  • 2015 completed three degrees while working full time: alternative veterinary practitioner, animal physiotherapist, animal psychologist

  • 3 years co-owner of a practice for animal physiotherapy in Berlin Friedrichshain

  • lecturer  for animal physiotherapy

  • 2018 founded texts and translations and ever since working as a full-time translator and author

  • 2022 part time job as editor

Having worked as a full-time translator for 15 years, I was able to gather experience in many different special subjects. My favourite has, however, always been medicine. 

I worked for a great variety of customers including some renowned Berlin-based clinical centres (research funding, abstracts, posters, clinical trials, etc.), companies in the IT-sector (web pages, marketing), Berlin courts, the criminal investigation department, various artists (painters and musicians mainly, exhibition catalogues, web pages), I subtitled two American sitcoms and last but not least I worked a great deal for private customers who needed certified translations of documents and deeds (birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of no impediment, etc.). 

Sirka Sander
Autorin & Übersetzerin

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