When it comes to writing I offer the following services: 

  1. providing texts such as articles, other texts and copy writing (in German)

  2. providing support in composing texts (mainly in German, but also for Germans writing English texts)

  3. editing and proofreading of texts (bilingual) 

 I can support you when 

  • a text you composed needs a little polishing

  • your texts needs help on the stylistic level

  • the word count has to be reduced (or increased for that matter)

  • when you know just what to say, but somehow it does not sound right

  • you simply need a proofreader.


I write articles on:

  • health care for dogs / pets

  • animal physiotherapy

  • animal behaviour

So far, however, I have only offered such texts in German. 

Sirka Sander
translator & writer