We have to take a deep breath, it's a (ridiculously) long title: I am a state approved, sworn translator and interpreter of the English language. I also studied French - which I really liked. However, I decided to specialise in English as I am probably a bit of a perfectionist.... I want to deliver top-notch translations and therefore I believe it makes sense to focus on one language pair only. Besides I am lot better at drinking French wine as compared to finding French translations. So that's a good focus, too.


I love doing medical translations. I am also particularly fond of texts on veterinary medicine. In the "about me" section I describe why. It is also the special subject I am most experienced in. In this field I translate for example:

  • medical reports

  • applications for research funding

  • reviews

  • posters

  • patient information sheets

  • certificates for physicians (working abroad)

  • websites, flyers​ 


In 2004 I was registered with the Landgericht Berlin (Berlin Regional Court) and therefore I am able to offer certified translations. I sometimes also work directly for the courts. During my 11 years as a translator I translated such documents as:

  • birth certificates, certificates of no impediments, marriage certificates

  • diplomas, certificates, degrees

  • decrees and contracts

  • basically all kind of documents and deeds


At university I  chose the humanities as special subject. I am always thrilled to do translations in this very broad field from A as in architecture to z as in Zydeco. I translated texts in the special fields of:

  • painting​

  • music

  • architecture

  • literature

  • history 

Sirka Sander
translator & writer